Ascheri: vineyards and cellars since 1880 - Italy
Osteria Murivecchi

A truly traditional “Osteria” where the menu, listing Piedmontese dishes only, is written on the blackboard. In the familiar atmosphere of our tavern the service is simple: the tables are old wooden ones and anyone can drink our wines by the glass.

In short, it is a place designed and run in such a way as to make you really experience our local traditions, far from fashionable trends and meaningless labels.

From Tuesday to Friday
from 12am to 14am and from 7.30pm to 11.00pm
from 7.30pm to 11pm
from 12am to 15pm and from 7.30pm to 11.00pm
Closing day: Monday

Tel +39 0172.431008

"Special openings"
In October, November, December we will be open on Sundays for lunch

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What they say about us
In this section of the site you will be able to find some reviews concerning the Ascheri Cellars and our Osteria Murivecchi. These reviews have appeared in the most important guides and magazines of the sector.
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Press Area
Here you can find high-resolution materials relating to Ascheri Wine Cellar: photos, wine labels, wines and grappa.

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  The people
Working at Osteria Murivecchi means believing in a certain life-style and sharing this experience with our guests. In the kitchen as well as in the restaurant, the underlying idea is the same: doing our best to make people happy. ()

  The place
In the place where in 1880 were our family’s early Barolo cellars, we have created what is now known as Osteria Murivecchi, a unique place created with the purpose of taking our customers back to our authentic traditions. ()

  The menu of the week
Here you will find the menu of the week , with all the typical dishes and the specialities of Piedmontese cuisine .
Coming straight from the tavern blackboard , this menu tells every Web user what they will be able to find if they come to our Osteria.

  The recipe of the month
Each month we will propose a different recipe, which will trigger new emotions linked to the season itself and to the passing of time. This is a recipe that anyone can come and enjoy in the warm and cosy atmosphere of Osteria Murivecchi or that can be collected and experienced at home. (…)

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